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Despite Widening Lead For Herring, Obenshain Says Tide Could Turn

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Numbers a checked during a recount of the Virginia race for Attorney General at the Fairfax Courthouse, Monday, Dec. 16, 2013 in Fairfax, Va.
(AP Photo/Alex Brandon, Pool)
Numbers a checked during a recount of the Virginia race for Attorney General at the Fairfax Courthouse, Monday, Dec. 16, 2013 in Fairfax, Va.

In Virginia, the recount in the hotly contested race for attorney general is heading into day three, and Democrat Mark Herring has widened his margin of victory over Republican Mark Obenshain from 165 to 866 votes.

Herring's lead jumped to just over 300 votes after Monday's recount in Fairfax County, Alexandria and Chesapeake, and Democrats say that the additional jump in votes after the second day has made them more confident than ever that he will prevail.

"We remain confident that Mark Herring will be declared the winner of the recount as he was the winner of the election, and we become more confident as this recount progresses that that's the case," says Marc Elias, a lawyer with the Herring campaign.

Republicans aren't yet conceding, though. They say that jurisdictions that have yet to report are Republican strongholds, which could change the direction of the race.

"Some of the places that are out are heavily Republican, so it's more likely that we'll pick up votes there. And some of the places that are in, like Alexandria, are more Democratic," says Chris Marston, a volunteer with the Obenshain campaign.

Registrars from across the state are expected to send a final tally to the Recount Court today, along with contested ballots.


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