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Graham Announces Ward 1 Re-Election Bid

Graham has served on the D.C. Council since 1998.
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Graham has served on the D.C. Council since 1998.

One of the remaining questions marks in D.C. politics was whether Council member Jim Graham (D-Ward 1) would run for a fifth term. Today he answered that question: he's in.

Speaking on NewsChannel 8's NewsTalk with Bruce DePuyt this morning, Graham said that he was again motivated to serve his constituents. "Ultimately I couldn't walk away from the opportunity for service," he said.

Until today's announcement, Graham had been coy about his future, only going as far as to launch an exploratory committee and poll residents of his ward.

The past year has seen him buffeted by claims of unethical behavior — in late 2012 he was accused of violating Metro's Code of Conduct for reportedly intervening in a land deal, and earlier this year his colleagues reprimanded him for the misconduct and stripped him of oversight of the city's alcohol board. At the time The Washington Post's editorial board called for his resignation.

Graham's decision drew swift responses from two of his challengers, including Bryan Weaver, who failed to unseat Graham in 2010. "The Council member's decision to seek re-election reflects just how out of touch he has become about the importance of the public's trust in our government," he said.

Graham will face Weaver, Brianne Nadeau and Beverly Wheeler in the April 1 Democratic primary.


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