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A Metro Station In Georgetown? It Could Finally Happen

M Street is regularly clogged with cars, but a Metro station could eventually appear in the neighborhood.
M Street is regularly clogged with cars, but a Metro station could eventually appear in the neighborhood.

That Georgetown doesn't have a Metro station has always been the source of a longstanding urban myth. The residents of the tony Northwest neighborhood rejected a station when Metro was first built, goes the myth, because they feared it would allow the city's riff-raff to bring their troublemaking ways to the peaceful area.

Not only is that false — it was largely the neighborhood's geography and location that knocked it out of contention — but Georgetown may eventually get a Metro station after all.

Today Metro unveiled a preliminary map of a new rail network (see below) it could build for the busiest part of the system's core by 2040. The network would be formed by a new loop of the Yellow and Blue Lines in downtown D.C. with between eight and 10 new stations, including a much-vaunted one in Georgetown. It would also feature a second crossing of the Potomac River to Rosslyn.

As part of the expansion, Virginia would also get a third Metro line.

"The proposed rail network shown above is expected to reduce future crowding on Metrorail, provide enough capacity for future development, and expand the reach of transit in the region," explains the transit agency on its PlanItMetro blog.

The proposed network is part of Metro's $26 billion expansion plan, which was first presented in January. The transit agency says it needs to add capacity in terms of rail cars, tunnels and stations to keep up with the region's growing population.

Though the new stations are many years and many details away, Georgetowners are preparing for it. As the Georgetown Metropolitan reports, a key Advisory Neighborhood Commission and various civic and business associations have already expressed support for a station in the neighborhood.

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