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Metro Proposing Fare Increase For 2014

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Under a new Metro proposal, riders will be forking up higher fares.
Under a new Metro proposal, riders will be forking up higher fares.

Metro raises fares every other year, and next year it's due for an increase.

On Thursday the Metro board will take up a proposed three percent hike for rail fares. It would raise the cost of the average train ride to $3.00. All bus fares will would be $1.75. Right now they are $1.60 with SmarTrip, $1.80 cash.

This news comes at a time when Metro says its service is getting better, although some riders say they don't see the improvement with their own eyes, especially after so many problems on the Red Line recently.

"All the breakdowns when you are in a hurry and trying to get to work. It's outrageous." says Peter Isikoff, who gets on the Red Line at Silver Spring. "I now always ask the manager in the little kiosk, I always ask him in the morning, are there any problems on the Red Line? I am not going to get on unless I know there aren't any problems."

Metro says on-time performance is improving and more escalators are working than at anytime in the past several years. This winter and next spring, there will be public hearings on the proposed fare increase that is part of Metro's fiscal year 2014 budget.


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