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D.C. Taxicab Commission Puts Two More Credit Card Processors On Notice

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Many of D.C.'s authorized credit card service providers have run into problems.
Chris Chester/WAMU
Many of D.C.'s authorized credit card service providers have run into problems.

The bumpy roll out of credit card acceptance in Washington cabs may hit another pot hole. The D.C. Taxicab Commission is threatening to suspend two companies of the seven approved to process credit card payments in cabs.

The French firm Gleike is in trouble for allegedly failing to pay drivers. The company VIP Cab could be suspended for technical problems with its payment devices.

The tech startup Hitch has already been threatened with suspension, but the company says it is working out its technical problems with the DCTC.

If the companies fail to rectify the problems to the commission's satisfaction and are suspended, it raises questions about what would happen to the taxi drivers now using their equipment and to customers, who expect to have their credit cards accepted in any cab they hail.

Correction: The original version of this story incorrectly named the tech startup Hitch as a third company receiving a suspension notice on Wednesday.

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