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Judge Orders Retraining Of Disabled Army Veteran Justin Slaby

Justin Slaby, lost his left hand when a defective flash bang grenade he was holding exploded prematurely during training. Slaby's attorney's argued that the FBI wrongly kicked him out of its academy in 2011 because of the prosthetic hand his was given.

FBI officials say Slaby was unqualified not only because they concluded he could not safely fire a gun with the prosthetic hand, but also because he couldn't accurately fire a gun with his remaining, non-dominant hand.

A jury agreed with Slaby in August and awarded him $75,000 for mental anguish.

U.S. District Judge Anthony Trenga issued an order this week requiring the FBI to start training Slaby on his own by April 1, or by June 1 if the bureau can assemble another class of trainees.

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