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Underage Drinkers Served In 28 Percent Of Montgomery Co. Establishments Tested

One in four bars/restaurants tested in Montgomery County were found to serve underage drinkers.
Thomas Hawk: http://www.flickr.com/photos/thomashawk/26555838/
One in four bars/restaurants tested in Montgomery County were found to serve underage drinkers.

Sales of alcohol to underage kids are increasing in Montgomery County.

The county's liquor control board released the results of its annual compliance check, which showed 72 percent of establishments tested did not serve alcohol to people under the age of 21. The 28 percent that did is a slight increase from the same check program done in 2012, according to the board.

In a statement, Police Chief Thomas Manger says that having more than a quarter of establishments in the county serving underage kids is "unacceptable," and that his department along with the liquor control board are already starting a new round of compliance checks.

During those checks, a volunteer under the age of 21 is sent into the bar, restaurant, or store with their vertical Maryland driver's license, which are only issued to those under 21, and attempt to buy alcohol. Those volunteers must use their own driver's license, and cannot wear hats, have facial hair or talk on the phone during the attempted purchase.


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