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Libertarian Activist Adam Kokesh Pleads Guilty To Gun, Drug Charges

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In a video taken on July 4, Kokesh is seen loading a shotgun in D.C.'s Freedom Plaza.
In a video taken on July 4, Kokesh is seen loading a shotgun in D.C.'s Freedom Plaza.

Adam Kokesh, the libertarian activist who posted a video of himself loading a shotgun at Freedom Plaza, is pleading guilty to marijuana possession and weapons charges.

Kokesh was released from D.C. jail after appearing in court today. He pleaded guilty to charges against him stemming from a YouTube video posted on July 4th to protest the District's gun laws. It's illegal to carry firearms in the Nation's capitol.

The arrest came shortly after Independence Day when police found guns and illegal drugs at his home in Herndon.

Kokesh has been ordered to stay away from the D.C. area except to attend legally-mandated appointments. His sentencing hearing is scheduled for Jan. 17.


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