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Maryland Legislator Moves To Criminalize 'Revenge Porn'

A Maryland delegate who's also running for state attorney general will introduce a bill to criminalize "revenge porn."

Democratic delegate Jon Cardin will introduce the bill for next year's General Assembly session in Annapolis dealing with a situation that has become more prevalent with the advent of smart phones with cameras.

Revenge porn websites feature explicit photos that men or women take of themselves and sent to their significant other. When the couple breaks up, the person who received the image sends it on to the website, almost always without the other person's consent.

Some of the most notable revenge porn websites have already been shut down, but many others have popped up to replace them.

Cardin wants to make it a felony offense to publicly disclose such images without the other person's consent. Offenders could face up to five years in prison if convicted.

Cardin is one of four Democrats in the General Assembly seeking their party's nomination to be the next attorney general.


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