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Construction On Phase Two Of Silver Line To Begin Soon

As the first phase of the Silver Line Metro project nears completion, the agency building the $6 billion rail extension says construction will soon begin on Phase II to Dulles Airport.

As a team of 200 engineers finishes plans for the second phase of the Silver Line — six more station stops including two in Loudoun County — preliminary construction work is underway, says project spokeswoman Marcia McAllister. It involves soil-boring tests at hundreds of locations along the planned alignment.

"They have identified about 12,000 testing sites that have to be explored as part of this project, and so far they have completed 300 of those tests and that means we are 25 percent done of that early work."

Clark Construction was awarded the contract to build the main part of the second phase of the Silver Line worth $1.2 billion. The Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority will soon bid a smaller contract to build a rail yard.

"We are going to go through the same procurement system as we did for Phase I to secure a contractor who will design and build a rail yard and maintenance facility on Dulles Airport property."

Phase II of the Silver Line is scheduled for completion in 2018. Phase I to Reston may start carrying passengers early next year.


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