News Archive - October 8, 2013

What Happens When You Die? Your Thoughts On The Afterlife

As part of a series of conversations exploring the concept of life after death, All Things Considered would like to hear from you. What do you believe happens when life ends?

First Adult Charged In The Steubenville Rape Case

William Rhinaman is accused of tampering with evidence. A grand jury has been trying to determine if adults covered up the rape to protect the football team in the Ohio River town where the high school football program and coach are legend.

Immigration Reform Rally Ends In Arrests In Front Of U.S. Capitol

Authorities detained about 200 protesters, including members of Congress, at a demonstration on the National Mall on Tuesday. Rally organizers demanded that lawmakers make immigration reform a top priority amid the ongoing government shutdown.

Obama Will Tap Janet Yellen As Fed Chairwoman

Yellen currently serves as the Federal Reserve's vice chairwoman. If confirmed she will take over for Ben Bernanke, with whom she has worked hand-in-glove with over the past few years.

Oregon's Mile Of Glacier Caves: A Hidden, And Disappearing, World

Explorers Eddy Cartaya and Brent McGregor have used ropes, ice screws, wet suits, and flashlights to map out more than a mile of passages underneath a glacier on Oregon's Mount Hood, in what are thought to be America's largest known glacier caves outside Alaska.

Shutdown Diary: Obama Takes On The Default Deniers

President Obama called House Speaker John Boehner in the morning but there was no breakthrough. Both later held news conferences to reiterate their positions.

Shutdown Prompts Emergency Declarations In Utah

One local official said the declarations were pleas for the federal government to open national parks. The shutdown has has been devastating for some towns, because October is peak tourist season.

Does Where You Shop Depend On Where You Stand?

One big reason for the division in Washington is the growing divide between different kinds of voters back home. If it seems there's less and less common ground between members of Congress, that's because their constituents have such contrasting lifestyles and notions of government's proper role.

Alexandria Sets Hearing To Consider Eminent Domain For Boat Club Parking Lot

Lawmakers in Alexandria have set a date for a public hearing where they will consider the use of eminent domain to take a parking lot owned by the Old Dominion Boat Club.

NSA Says It Has 'Mitigated' Meltdowns At Utah Data Farm

Documents show that chronic electrical problems at the NSA's mammoth new data center in Utah destroyed equipment and delayed the center's opening, according to reports.

Shifting Resources To Front Lines Could Protect Polio Workers

Bombs targeting polio vaccinators have threatened the global effort to stamp out the disease once and for all. The attacks are likely to continue, researchers warned, unless there's a change in eradication strategy toward local action.

Boehner: 'There's Going To Be A Negotiation Here'

Speaker John Boehner issued a direct challenge to President Obama, saying history is on the side of Republicans. Dozens of other times, Boehner said, government funding has been used as leverage, and it will not be different this time around.

House GOP's Latest Idea: A Fiscal Supercommittee, Sort Of

The latest House Republican plan is to propose a supercommittee to work out a deal that would reopen government and raise the debt ceiling.

Botanic Garden Shuts Down, But Who'll Water The Plants?

A small number of staff are working to make sure the plants, which include many exotic and unusual specimens, stay healthy, says a facility manager.

Many Teens Admit To Coercing Others Into Sex

Sexual violence appears to have roots in adolescence, so researchers asked teenagers and young adults if they'd ever forced someone to have sexual activity against their will. About 1 in 10 had. Psychological pressure was the most common tactic.

Iran And Israel Go To Battle ... Over Denim

Elections may be less than free, and some music may be banned. But Iranians do wear jeans, in contrast to remarks by Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu. An onslaught of photos and comments posted online proves the Iranians' point.

Hundreds Arrested In Acts Of Civil Disobedience During Immigration Rally

With comprehensive immigration reform stalled in the House, immigration activists took to the National Mall to call for lasting change, and several were arrested, including congressmen.

Food Truck Pioneer Battles Food Deserts With High Cuisine

Los Angeles chef Roy Choi helped launch the food truck movement. Now he wants to blend high and low cuisine to combat food deserts. He's challenging the tyranny of junk food in the inner cities, and is pushing other chefs to think about how they can contribute to food justice in their communities.

An Aerogramme From Professor Higgs, Nobel Winner

Peter Higgs just won a Nobel Prize for his research on a theory involving a particle that bears his name. How did that come to be? The unexpected answer came in the mail 16 years ago.

Obama: 'Stop The Excuses. Let's Take A Vote'

President Obama said he was willing to talk about anything, as long as Republicans open the government and raise the debt ceiling. Obama took questions for more than an hour about a monumental Washington standoff, which has already caused a partial government shutdown and has now transitioned into a fight over raising the debt ceiling.

Man Who Set Himself On Fire On National Mall Identified

The family of a New Jersey man who set himself ablaze on the National Mall last week say he was a 'loving father and husband.'

Study: U.S. Adults Below Average In Literacy, Basic Math

Japan and Finland ranked at the top in most areas of the OECD study of 22 countries, while Italy and Spain consistently scored at the bottom.

Obama Calls Boehner To Say He'll Negotiate — Later

A discussion of Republicans' fiscal ideas will have to wait until the government shutdown is over and the federal debt ceiling has been raised, President Obama tells House Speaker John Boehner.

Solved: The Minds Behind The 'NSA' Billboard Reveal Themselves

Last week, we joined the speculation on who was behind the shadowy billboard on the 101 Freeway near San Francisco — a plain white sign with black text reading, "Your Data Should Belong To The NSA." Now the makers behind the signs are coming clean, and we're not too surprised by who they are.

Navy Superintendent Won't Be Recused From Sexual Assault Case

A federal judge has ruled that she won't force a U.S. Naval Academy superintendent to recuse himself from the sexual assault case involving three midshipmen.

D.C. Bars And Restaurants Feel Shutdown Squeeze

D.C. bars and restaurants are getting nervous about just how long their customers will be furloughed — and how it might dent their bottom line.

Obama's Absence At Asia Summit Seen Hurting U.S. Trade

Many U.S. companies were hoping President Obama would be able to push for more open trade in Asia. But because of the U.S. government shutdown, he was a no show at the Asia-Pacific summit in Indonesia. The budget crisis in Washington is distracting from other trade initiatives as well, analysts say.

Veterinarians Say Health Law's Device Tax Is Unfair To Pets

The Affordable Care Act included a sales tax on medical devices that is supposed to help pay for the expansion of health insurance coverage. But the tax is being levied on some devices, such as ultrasound scanners, that are used to diagnose and treat animals instead of humans.

NFL To Discuss Redskins' Name With Oneida Indian Nation

A campaign to get the Washington football team to change its name has at least captured the attention of officials with the NFL.

North Korea Has Restarted Nuclear Reactor, South Korea Says

South Korean officials say they have confirmed the North has restarted a nuclear reactor that had been shut down in 2007. In April, North Korea said it would restart the reactor to supply its nuclear weapons program.

Chincoteague Pony Round-Up Postponed Due To Government Shutdown

The famous Chincoteague ponies will have to postpone their biannual well check thanks to the shutdown of the federal government.

Women Who Broke The Rules In Nepal

Portraits by photographer Arantxa Cedillo feature women who broke down barriers, including a former sex slave, an elephant trainer, an Olympic swimmer, and the first female pilot in the country.

Libyan PM Tries To Calm Tensions Over U.S. Raid

Prime Minister Ali Zeidan says the U.S. and Libya can work out differences created by an operation to snatch al-Qaida suspect Abu Anas al-Libi from a street in Tripoli.

School For Adult Learners Opens Second District Campus

A school for adult learners is bringing its innovative techniques to bear on a second District campus, in the hopes of training more students to fill jobs in high-demand fields.

Weapons Expert Sees 'Constructive Beginning' In Syria

A second team of international inspectors is being deployed to Syria, where the process of destroying chemical weapons-producing facilities began Sunday. Syria faces a November deadline for demolishing its production equipment.

Furloughed? Here Are Some Tips For Filing For Unemployment

Thousands of federal employees from around the D.C. region are applying for unemployment benefits during the government shutdown — here are some tips to make it go smoothly.

Family Of Man Who Set Himself On Fire Says Act Wasn't Political

Police have identified John Constantino, 64, of Mount Laurel, N.J., as the man who died after setting himself on fire on the National Mall last week. His family says Constantino had struggled with mental illness.

Technical Issues Persists On Maryland's Online Health Insurance Marketplace

Despite continued technical issues, thousands of Maryland residents have created accounts on the state's online marketplace for health insurance.

Senate Democrats Could Set Up Test Vote On Debt Ceiling

There are signs that a measure to raise the limit on government spending could be introduced as early as Tuesday.

Arlington Voters To Decide On Creating New Housing Authority

Voters in Arlington will be considering a ballot initiative that could create a new housing authority.

Tuesday Morning Political Mix

Large foreign holders of U.S. debt warn Congress and President Obama to get their acts together... White House and Senate Democrats' unified message momentarily appeared less so... Senate Democrats are moving ahead with debt-ceiling legislation that Republicans may filibuster.

Higgs Boson Researchers Awarded The Nobel Prize In Physics

Britain's Peter Higgs and Belgium's Francois Englert were cited by the Royal Swedish Academy for the "theoretical discovery of a mechanism that contributes to our understanding of the origin of mass of subatomic particles."