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Virginia Democrats Sue To Prevent Voter Roll Purge

Democrats are taking a voter roll purge to the courts.
Democrats are taking a voter roll purge to the courts.

Virginia state Democratic leaders are moving forward with a federal lawsuit they hope will prevent tens of thousands of voters from being purged from the rolls.

The suit was filed in Alexandria federal court against Republican Gov. Bob McDonnell, Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli and the State Board of Elections. Democrats are seeking to stop a purge of 57,000 voters because an interstate database shows them registered in multiple states. The suit says the list is filled with errors and thousands could be wrongly disenfranchised.

"We need to be very very sure about our process before we go purging thousands of people off the rolls, especially when we have an attorney general who is advising this process who is on the ballot," says Brian Coy, spokesman for the party.

Elections officials across Northern Virginia say they are confident that the purge will not cause problems, and that individual registrars are going through each list name by name to make sure nobody is improperly excluded.

"We have a high level of comfort that this cross-check process has worked," says Anna Lieder, deputy registrar in Alexandria.

A spokesman for Cuccinelli says the lawsuit is a politically-motivated stunt.

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