News Archive - September 27, 2013

Capital Bikeshare Makes Its Debut In Montgomery County

Capital Bikeshare has finally made its way north, as the bike sharing service debuted to some fanfare today in Montgomery County.

U.N. Security Council Approves Syria Chemical Weapons Resolution

Sealing an unlikely diplomatic alliance between the United States and Russia, the U.N. Security Council unanimously approved the resolution, which calls for Syria to surrender its chemical weapons and allow unfettered access to international chemical weapons experts.

200 Years Later, George Washington Gets A Presidential Library

In 1787, Washington mused that he needed a space for his voluminous "military, civil and private papers." Now, he's got a $106 million building at his estate in Mount Vernon, Va.

Federal Workers Bracing For Furlough Pain

Federal employees of all types across the D.C. region are bracing for the possibility of a government shutdown, with all the anxiety and financial hardship that comes with it.

Countdown To Shutdown: Obama Says 'Gears Of Our Economy' At Risk

As expected, the Democratic-controlled Senate passed its own version of a short-term spending bill. It's the version the House approved last week, minus language that would defund Obamacare. That effectively tossed the ball back to the Republican-controlled House.

Ex-U.S. Army Sniper Instructor Nabbed In Thai 'Hit Squad' Sting

The former sergeant allegedly helped recruit others from Europe and the U.S. to help carry out contract killings.

Shutdown Politics, Bill Clinton-Style

If the government shuts down next week, hundreds of thousands of federal employees could be temporarily forced out of their jobs. In 1996, President Clinton sought to highlight the impact of such a shutdown by telling the story of one heroic federal worker.

Minor Weekend Delays On Metro Ahead Of Major Work Next Week

Track work will slow a couple lines this weekend, but it's next week's Metro track work that you really have to prepare for.

Opponents Of New Maryland Gun Law File Lawsuit

Opponents of a new gun control measure in Maryland have filed a lawsuit to block the legislation from taking effect.

Why Brain Surgeons Want Help From A Maggot-Like Robot

While watching TV, a neurosurgeon got the idea for a robot that would help minimize collateral damage during operations to remove tumors. Now he and colleagues at the University of Maryland are making progress on a wormy robot that could be ready for testing in humans in a few years.

Amb. Power: Security Council Draft Plan On Syria Has Teeth

The United Nations Security Council is considering a legally binding resolution that would require the Syrian government to give up its chemical weapons. Robert Siegel talks with Samantha Power, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, for more.

Obama Says He Spoke On The Phone With Iranian Leader

That detail is important in understanding just how serious the negotiations between the two countries have gotten. That talk was the first time the heads of states of the two countries have spoken directly since 1979.

Analysis: Threat Of Government Shutdown Heightens

David Hawkings talks about the latest in the looming government shutdown.

Police Arrest Six People For Trashing Ex-NFL Player's Home

Police said many more arrests are forthcoming — possibly as many as 400. They say anyone who attended the party at the vacation home of Brian Holloway may face charges.

New Jersey Judge Rules State Must Allow Gay Couples To Marry

The judge said that the state's current system of civil unions still leads to unequal treatment, which runs afoul the state constitution's guarantee of equal protection. The state is expected to appeal this decision.

Tech Week That Was: Online Comments, iPad Hacks And The ACC

Can online comments be redeemed? That conversation, plus highlights from our tech coverage on-air and online, are in our latest week in review.

Students Win Seed Money To Make Flour From Insects

The students plan to make the nutritious "power flour" with grasshoppers, weevils and caterpillars. Their goal is to make insect-based food products available year-round to people living in some of the world's poorest slums.

D.C. Council To Vote On Bill Sparing Employees From Government Shutdown

On the same day that the federal government could shut down the D.C. Council will vote on a bill deeming the city's 32,000 employees are "essential" and should remain on the job. 

Around The World, Notions Of Beauty Can Be A Real Beast

In pursuit of beauty, women around the globe subject themselves to complicated and bizarre, not to mention dangerous, procedures. In the West, that can mean going for darker skin. In Africa and parts of Asia, the opposite is the goal. Seriously, a sister just can't win.

Kenyan Mall Attack Update: 3 Who Were Suspects Are Released

Also Friday, there's word from the Kenyan Red Cross that 59 people remain missing. Terrorists killed at least 61 civilians and 6 security officers during the attack on a mall in Nairobi and a four-day siege that followed.

Study: Obama Got Bigger Bucks From Women Than Past Candidates Did

A new study reports that female donors accounted for more than 44 percent of President Obama's campaign contributions, the most for any White House hopeful since at least 1988.

Lessons About Insurance In The Obamacare Data Dump

Very few insurers around the country are offering top-of-the-line platinum insurance plans. Policymakers predicted less expensive but more restrictive bronze and silver plans would prove more popular than high-end options, and it looks like insurance companies think so, too.

President To GOP: 'Don't Burn Down The House' Over Obamacare

A Senate bill to keep the federal government open for six weeks is expected to pass and move to the House, where GOP lawmakers insist they will insert deal-breaking language to defund Obamacare.

Prince George's County Legislator Proposes Bill Requiring Posting Of Salt Content

You might not want to know just how much salt is in that fast food meal, but a bill introduced in Prince George's County may soon require it.

D.C. Health Care Exchange Website To Launch On Time, But Without Key Feature

D.C.'s new health care exchange will debut Tuesday, but it won't be able to tell users if they qualify for Medicaid or subsidies.

O'Malley Worries That Government Shutdown Could Hurt State Economy

A shutdown of the federal government would be devastating for the state of Maryland, says Governor Martin O'Malley.

Deja Vu: A Look Back At The Last Shutdowns, In Photos

In 1995 and 1996, the federal government was shuttered due to a budget impasse. Sound familiar? We peeked into the past to see what the shutdown looked like back then.

VIDEO: Yankees Great Mariano Rivera Bids A Tearful Goodbye

The greatest closer in baseball history threw his last pitch at Yankee Stadium Thursday night. Rivera, who's heading off to retirement, shed some tears as his teammates and a sell-out crowd cheered.

This Law Wants To Save Teens' Reputations, But Probably Won't

By 2015, Facebook and other social networking sites will have to allow California minors to delete embarrassing posts. But the law is riddled with loopholes, and teens won't be protected any more than they already are.

With Silver Line Soon To Start Service, Officials Show Off New McLean Station

As work winds down on the first phase of Metro's Silver Line out to Reston, WAMU 88.5 was treated to a first look of the McLean station. 

U.N. Team Looking At Attacks Assad Blamed On Rebels

As they resume their investigation into allegations about the use of chemical weapons in Syria, U.N. experts are looking into at least three incidents for which President Bashar Assad's aides have said the rebels were responsible. The inspectors are not expected to assign blame.

Friday Morning Political Mix

A political journalist tells congressional Republicans to pull the trigger on a government shutdown and debt default... Speaker Boehner's attempt to placate his House GOP caucus' hardliners fails ... Someone goes cute and furry to sell Obamacare.

Jewels Found In Alps May Be From Decades-Old Plane Crash

A small box found near Mont Blanc contained rubies, sapphires and emeralds thought to be worth more than $330,000. Authorities suspect they had been on board one of two Indian passenger planes that crashed in the area — one in 1950; one in 1966. The climber who found the treasure turned it in.

Point Of View: How So Many Rooted For 'Breaking Bad's' Walter White

How did the creators of Breaking Bad get millions of fans to stick by a meth-cooking drug lord season after season? The crafty use of an old editing technique in the pilot let us see the world through Walt's eyes, a film psychologist says, making it easier to excuse his immoral choices later on.

Ctrl-Alt-Delete Defenders Tell Bill Gates It Wasn't A Mistake

Microsoft's co-founder wishes Windows PCs had been given one start-up key instead of the famous three-key combination. But fans are both nostalgic about what was required and say it helped protect their PCs from some problems.

It's Clear Humans Are Changing World's Climate, Panel Says

A study by an international panel of scientists shows that the researchers are confident about the links between human activity, global warming and climate change.