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Virginia Candidates Spar On Energy Policy

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Democrat Terry McAuliffe and Republican Ken Cuccinelli made separate appearances today at an event in Arlington sponsored by the Consumer Energy Alliance. McAullife says he would like to see Virginia follow Massachusetts in creating offshore wind production.

"I'd love to see Virginia as the second in the water," he says. "I think it would be spectacular. There's an area out there where we could literally light up 10,000 homes with what we could do with offshore wind. But guess what? Along the way we could create 10,000 jobs."

Jobs are also at the center of Cuccinelli's energy platform, although for a different reason.

"In Virginia, that war on coal is a war on our poor," says Cuccinelli. "Thousands of workers are employed in Virginia's coal mines and tens of thousands more are employed in jobs that depend heavily on our coal industry."

McAuliffe says Cuccinelli's position on social issues will hurt Virginia's economy. Cuccinelli says McAuliffe's policies will be job killers.


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