News Archive - August 28, 2013

Lawmakers Get Earful From Constituents During Congressional Recess

Congress isn't back in session until the middle of September, but local constituents haven't stopped voicing their concerns about things like furloughs and sequester cuts.

Son Of Marion Barry Arrested For DUI, Drug Possession

Marion Christopher Barry, son of the former mayor and current D.C. Council member, was arrested in Virginia earlier this month for drive under the influence and possession of marijuana.

Annapolis Memorial Honors 1963 Civil Rights 'Foot Soldiers'

The 250,000 'foot soldiers' that made their way to the March on Washington are remembered at a new memorial dedicated today in Annapolis.

Something Was Missing From The March On Washington Anniversary

The hulking marble presence of the first Republican president, Abraham Lincoln, didn't really make up for the lack of a living, breathing GOP official. Not one spoke at the "Let Freedom Ring" event at the Lincoln Memorial, site of King's 1963 speech, though some were invited.

Hello Kitty Themed Planes Are Coming To The U.S.

That means feline-themed pillows, headrests, snack bags and luggage tags.

50 Years Later: Sounds And Voices From The March

Americans remembered the sacrifices of the civil rights movement and they also remembered the triumph.

Obama: U.S. Has 'Concluded' Assad Used Chemical Weapons In Syria

President Obama, however, said he was not interested in an "open-ended" operation in Syria.

Joining The '63 March, Despite Parents' Racial Biases

Maury Landsman's parents stayed home on Aug. 28, 1963. Their liquor store, like all others in the nation's capital, was shuttered the day of the March on Washington and the couple had no interest in attending. But Landsman, then 20, felt strongly that he needed to be there.

China Weighs Ban On Homework; Teachers, Students Argue Against

Hoping to make education less stressful, China's Ministry of Education is considering new rules that include a ban on written homework. But teachers, and even some students, are against the idea.

D.C. Police Say Undercover Officer Used To Infiltrate Group Because Of Assault

In a court filing, D.C. police have defended the use of an undercover officer to infilitrate a labor rights group, saying that they were concerned that violent acts were planned.

The Latest Frontier In Gourmet Salt, From The Lowest Point On Earth

Spas and beauty products have long touted the health benefits of floating in the buoyant Dead Sea waters and slathering its thick black mud on your skin. Now an Israeli company is promoting Dead Sea salt as a healthful gourmet product, in part because of its high mineral content.

Illicit Drugs And Mental Illness Take A Huge Global Toll

Disability and illness caused by opioids, amphetamines, cocaine and cannabis increased by more than 50 percent over the two decades prior to 2010. Opioid dependence in particular has become much more common.

In March On Washington Speech, Gray Links King's Dream To D.C. Voting Rights

D.C. Mayor Gray focused on the District's lack of autonomy during his speech at 50th anniversary of the March on Washington.

Transcript: Obama On The Legacy Of 1963 March On Washington

President Obama spoke Wednesday to mark the 50th anniversary of a milestone in the civil rights movement — the March on Washington, when Martin Luther King gave his famous "I Have a Dream" speech. Read and listen to the president's remarks.

Baltimore County Police Officer Shot, Killed Wednesday

A Baltimore County police officer was killed early Wednesday while serving a high-risk warrant to a house in Catonsville, Md.

Fort Hood Gunman Nidal Hasan Sentenced To Death For 2009 Attack

Former Army psychiatrist Nidal Hasan was found guilty last week of killing 13 people in a shooting rampage at Fort Hood, Texas, in 2009. During his trial, Hasan represented himself and called no witnesses.

Anniversary Of March On Washington A Special Day For All

The overcast skies and occasional rain isn't dampening the spirit on the National Mall, where thousands of people have started gathering for the commemoration of the 50th anniversary March on Washington.

Looking For Free Condoms? There's A Health Department App For That

State and local public health departments are turning to apps as to help them reach people when they need help the most. Birth control finders, recipe tweakers and searchable restaurant inspections are in the mix.

The Kojo Nnamdi Show: The Sights And Sounds Of The March On Washington

On the 50th anniversary of the March, we take a listen back to the music that served as a soundtrack of the day and consider the importance of folk and protest music in the civil rights movement.

The Diane Rehm Show: Fifty Years After The March On Washington

Guest host Frank Sesno and his guests discuss the legacy of the 1963 March on Washington and the state of civil rights in America today.

After 152 Years, St. Louis Gains Control Of Its Police Force

Missouri has had control of the city's police force since the civil war. Claiborne Jackson, Missouri's segregationist governor, didn't want the Unionist city controlling its own arsenal.

Speaking At The Lincoln Memorial, Obama Assesses 'The Dream'

President Obama delivered a nuanced analysis of the progress of Martin Luther King's dream on the 50th anniversary of the 1963 March on Washington.

LISTEN: Rare Recording Of '52 Speech That King Drew From

Chicago Pastor Archibald Carey Jr. ended his address to the 1952 GOP convention with a call to "let freedom ring" that King would echo in 1963 at the March on Washington. Decades later, a recording of Carey's address has been found.

Microsoft Vs. Medium: A Tale Of Two Office Cultures

The corporate culture at Microsoft seems to go against the tech industry's trend toward more empowered employees. The focus on the software giant's inner workings comes as Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer prepares to depart.

How To Disappear When Someone's Spying On You; 'Privacy Wear' Comes To Market

A New York design team has just produced an invisibility cloak for your cell phone. Pop it in and no government, no merchants, no friends, no one knows where your phone is. Another design team in Canada says they could do stuff like this — but they won't. Who's right?

'The Most Remarkable Crowd': Two Washingtonians Remember 1963 March

On the day that the nation commemorates the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington, two Washingtonians recall how the day played out—and the lasting impact it had on them.

Probation For George Zimmerman's Wife On Perjury Charge

Shellie Zimmerman pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge related to statements she made about her family's finances. Her husband was acquitted of all charges in the shooting death of African-American teen Trayvon Martin.

Church Founded By Freed Slaves Commemorates March On Washington

Shiloh Baptist Church in Shaw hosted an interfaith service today to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington.

Fairfax County Grapples With Huge Silver Line Costs

Fairfax County officials say they are confident the necessary funds will be secured to pay for three facilities—two parking garages and a rail station—that are part of Phase II of the Silver Line Metrorail project to Dulles International Airport.

Coalition Calls On Dominion Power To Shift To Renewable Sources

As Dominion Power outlines its 15-year plan for providing power to Virginians, an environmental coalition is calling on the utility to rely on more renewable sources.

Federal Officials Say Virus To Blame For Dolphin Deaths

Federal officials say that a virus is to blame for the death of hundreds of dolphins in Virginia and along the Atlantic Coast.

How To Watch The March On Washington Anniversary Ceremony

Here's where to see or listen to coverage of Wednesday's ceremony. Among those scheduled to speak: President Obama; former presidents Carter and Clinton; and Caroline Kennedy, daughter of the nation's 35th president.

D.C. Police To Make Changes To Stop-And-Frisk Policy

An MPD spokeswoman says that two minor changes will make the policy more current, but that the overall policy is sound.

Limited U.S. Strikes ... Followed By Major Attacks On U.S.

When U.S. presidents opt for limited military action, the aim is to prevent drawing the U.S. into a larger conflict. But on several occasions in recent decades, such strikes have been followed by devastating attacks against U.S. targets.

D.C. Legislator Seeks To Reverse Rules Prohibiting Uber Service

Council member Mary Cheh (D-Ward 3) says she will introduce legislation to undo regulations banning UberX, a new low-price app-based taxi service.

What Do We Forget When We Remember History?

All summer long, we've been retelling the details of the historic summer of 1963. But even if we told every story captured in the newspapers of the era, we wouldn't be able to present a complete picture of that time.

To Grow Sweeter Produce, California Farmers Turn Off The Water

California's small producers of tomatoes, grapes and other crops are increasingly taking up dry farming, which involves growing crops without watering them for months. The technique, which obviously saves water, can produce more flavorful crops.

Flashback: The March On Washington

Experience the March on Washington through the memories of five people who were there in 1963. An interactive audio/visual experience — called a "Zeega" — brings you back to the day.

Who Are Syria's Friends And Why Are They Supporting Assad?

Russia, China and Iran are Syrian President Bashar Assad's closest allies. The reasons for their support of his government vary, ranging from trade and strategy to a fear of instability if Assad is toppled.

More Images Posted Of Accused Boston Bomber's Capture

Photos taken by a Massachusetts State Police sergeant show the bloodied suspect being taken into custody. They also show him getting medical treatment at the scene.

Despite Distaste For Health Law, Americans Oppose Defunding

The most common reason people said defunding is a bad idea boiled down to a feeling that using the budget process to undermine a law on the books isn't the way government in this country should work.

'Twerk' Sashays Into Oxford's Online Dictionary, 'Srsly'

The dance move that many older folks first heard about this week thanks to Miley Cyrus is now officially defined. Seriously. (Or "srsly," another addition to the online dictionary.)

Fire's Threat To Bay Area's Water Supply May Come Later

The huge "Rim Fire" in and around Yosemite National Park is close to the Hetch Hetchy Reservoir that serves San Francisco. While falling ash hasn't seriously polluted the waters yet, there's concern that erosion from scorched hillsides will cause problems for the water supply in coming months.

Click Here For 'The New York Times' While It's Being Hacked

The Times appears to be the target of another hacking by the Syrian Electronic Army, a pro-Assad group. But the news organization has created an alternate site where its stories can be seen.

Britain To Seek U.N. OK For Military Action Against Syria

The Security Council will be asked to approve the use of "necessary measures to protect civilians." The language is aimed at getting the council's OK for strikes on regime targets in Syria. The U.S., U.K. and others want to send Assad a message: That using chemical weapons is unacceptable.