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Two Bull Sharks Caught In The Potomac River

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Large bull sharks have been known to make their way up the Potomac, as they can swim in shallow waters.
Albert Kok: http://www.flickr.com/photos/38118051@N04/3511786203
Large bull sharks have been known to make their way up the Potomac, as they can swim in shallow waters.

Watermen have caught two bull sharks at the mouth of the Potomac River.

John "Willy'' Dean caught the 8-foot, male sharks weighing about 220 pounds each in nets this week near Point Lookout State Park at the tip of St. Mary's County. They were found about 200 yards from a spot where people were swimming. The feat comes three years after Dean caught the first bull shark recorded in the Potomac in 37 years.

Dean's son, Greg, says the first shark was already dead in the water, but the second was alive and was thrashing and snapping its jaws even after four men hauled it on board.

Greg Dean says they plan to donate at least one shark for research, but the second may be cut up for steaks.


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