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Brewers Join Forces To Celebrate D.C. Beer Week

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In celebration of D.C. Beer Week, various brewers have come together to produce some memorable suds.
In celebration of D.C. Beer Week, various brewers have come together to produce some memorable suds.

It's officially Beer Week in D.C., and local brewers are working together to create unusual one-time brews to celebrate.

One of them is called Exquisite Corpse. Sam Fitz, of Columbia Heights bar and restaurant Meridian Pint, explains the name: "It's based off a surrealist game, where artists would take different quadrants of a canvass."

Each paints one quadrant, without seeing what the others are doing, "so the end result is this disjointed exquisite corpse," he says.

Fitz and three beer buddies decided to try brewing a beer this way. "[W]e each took one corner of the beer. I did the hops. Greg [Jagsur of Pizzeria Paradiso] did the malt. Brian from Stillwater did the yeast, and Jeff Hancock of D.C. Brau put it all together," he explains.

And it actually tastes good, he admits. "I'm a little bit a little bit surprised at how good it is," he says.

This beer, and a handful of other local collaborations, will be on tap throughout the week.


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