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Thursday Is Autism Night Out With Montgomery County Police

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At the event on Thursday, police will hand out t-shirts that say, "If I am alone, call 911."
Montgomery County Police
At the event on Thursday, police will hand out t-shirts that say, "If I am alone, call 911."

This week police in Montgomery County are highlighting autism awareness.

Cases of autistic children and adults walking away from their homes and getting lost is on the rise not just in Montgomery County, but nationwide. Officer Laurie Reyes of the county police says says parents and care givers can help police make finding missing autistic people easier with a few easy steps. One is to write down a "911 script" in advance.

"Under stress you might forget certain information about your child. If you have a script prepared ahead of time, you can just read it to the officers. And say where the child likes to go, where the child has gone before, what will calm the child down in the event an officer locates them," she says.

Reyes will also have more information about bracelets that can track a person up to a mile from their home during Thursday's "Autism Night Out" at the Public Safety Training Academy in Gaithersburg. T-shirts that say "If I am alone, call 911" will be handed out.


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