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No Metro Station Closures This Weekend, But Delays Abound

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Trains won't be single tracking through the Shaw Metro this weekend, but there will be delays.
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Trains won't be single tracking through the Shaw Metro this weekend, but there will be delays.

Metro has no plans to close any stations this weekend, and there's also no planned single tracking. But passengers could face a longer than normal wait times on many station platforms.

Trains will be running less frequently in many places because of work related to Metro's ongoing Capital Improvement project:

  • Starting at 10 p.m. Friday, Green Line trains will run once every 20 minutes along the entire length of the line.
  • On the Red Line, trains will run every 20 minutes between Shady Grove and Glenmont, but from 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday, additional trains will be running along two stretches, with service every 10 minutes between Shady Grove and Farragut North and between Glenmont and Judiciary Square.
  • Meanwhile on the Orange Line, trains will run on a normal schedule tomorrow between Vienna and Stadium-Armory, but because of trackwork east of there, only every other train will go all the way to New Carrollton. Orange Line passengers catching trains east of Stadium-Armory could face a longer wait. On Sunday, Orange Line trains will run only once every 20 minutes along the entire line.
  • There are no delays on the Yellow or Blue Lines this weekend, though the Yellow Line will only operate between Huntington and Mt Vernon Square. Riders north of Mt. Vernon Square will have to take the Green Line.

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