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Gay Rights Supporters Celebrate At National Cathedral

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The Washington National Cathedral in Washington, D.C.
The Washington National Cathedral in Washington, D.C.

Several hundred gay rights supporters gathered at the National Cathedral on Wednesday to celebrate the Supreme Court's landmark decisions on same-sex marriage. Among the congregation were Sandy Poole and her wife of three weeks. They came all the way from the Eastern Shore.

"Full justice, full equality," said Poole. "We are now respected and honored, and everyone that we know and everyone we've met has been joyful with us, and that's been incredible."

The Reverend Gary Hall officiated the mass.

"I do believe that we have turned a corner in American life," Hall said. "I do believe that we have turned a corner in the faith community's life."

But the Supreme Court's decision wasn't music to every religious leaders' ears. Catholic Monsignor Charles Pope writing in the Washington Archdiocese's blog called the decision a "supreme mistake." The Monsignor writes, "traditional marriage is what is best for children."

"Our objection to the legal recognition of same-sex unions is not only an objection to homosexual aberrations, but also to other assaults on the family such as fornication and polygamy," he said.

Barbara Fisher, Sandy Poole's wife says opinions such as those written by the Monsignor foster hateful laws such as DOMA.

"This mass for me is the healing of years and years of denial, and years and years of being made to feel like I'm a stepchild and less than a child of God," said Fisher.


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