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Virginia Candidates Debate Number Of Debates

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Should Republican Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli be able to ask former Democratic National Committee Chairman Terry McAuliffe questions during the gubernatorial debates? A newspaper asked McAuliffe that question this week, and he avoided answering, prompting a new round of Republican attacks against the Democrat.

"I think the McAuliffe campaign would be well advised to be clearer to the public about what they want in the debates, and why there isn't an agreement," says University of Mary Washington professor Stephen Farnsworth.

Candidates and their campaigns typically argue about everything from who will moderate to the temperature of the room. But this time, one of the sticking points seems to be how many debates will take place.

"It seems like Ken Cuccinnelli wants to have essentially an unlimited number of debates, and Terry McAuliffe doesn't really want to have many debates at all," says University of Virginia Center for Politics analyst Kyle Kondik.

Cuccinelli is calling for 15 face-offs. McAuliffe wants five.


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