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Opening Of Silver Line To Dulles Won't Be Delayed, Insist Officials

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Despite reports to the contrary, officials say that Metro's Silver Line will open on time.
WAMU/Jared Angle
Despite reports to the contrary, officials say that Metro's Silver Line will open on time.

The Silver Line is on time—as of now. That's the word from the head of the agency overseeing the construction of the $6 Billion Metro line to Dulles Airport.

The opening of Phase I of the Silver Line is not delayed, says Jack Potter, the chief executive of the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority. The Washington Post reported faulty testing of safety systems could delay the December opening until early next year, but Potter says the contractor reports the project is on time and should be ready to hand over to Metro for the final testing phase September 9.

"It's a fluid situation because we are conducting tests now of what is a very complex system that has been built, and as we go through these tests, should we find there are issues, it may require additional work be done and there isn't much room to extend the schedule," he says.

Potter says the size of the project makes predicting a precise opening date difficult.

"People are trying to be too precise here. For example, people are trying to base the schedule on the 90 days that Metro has. That is a flexible number. The activity that they have to do can be done in less than 90 days," he says.

Metro would rather avoid delays because they could cut into projected Silver Line fare revenues.


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