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If Amtrak Cuts Come To Pass, Washington Passengers Could See Options Limited

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While Acela service along the Northeast corridor is profitable, many of Amtrak's other lines are not.
U.S. Department of Transportation
While Acela service along the Northeast corridor is profitable, many of Amtrak's other lines are not.

Washington area residents who use Amtrak trains to commute may find their options limited if a House subcommittee's subsidy cuts are approved.

Amtrak president Joseph Boardman says that long distance trains and some short-haul routes could be shut down and service, including in and out of Washington's Union Station, could slow if federal subsidies to the commuter train are cut.

Iowa Representative Tom Latham, who chairs the House Appropriations Committee's transportation subcommittee, has proposed a federal transportation budget that would cut subsidies for Amtrak by one-third from what the railroad received last year.

Amtrak's Boardman says Amtrak lost $558 million on long-distance service last year but profited from its high-speed Acela service in the Northeast.

Boardman says lawmakers have decided the nation should be connected by train service but don't want to pay for the money-losing routes to needed to achieve that.


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