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Six People Injured In Serious Crash Near Union Station

Two Pedestrians Critical

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The crash involved two cars and three pedestrians, one of whom had to be retrieved from underneath one of the cars.
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The crash involved two cars and three pedestrians, one of whom had to be retrieved from underneath one of the cars.

An accident at North Capitol Street and Massachusetts Avenue this morning sent six people to area hospitals, including two pedestrians that were seriously injured after being hit by a car.

The crash happened at the height of rush hour, when hundreds of vehicles and even more pedestrians compete for the intersection of near Union Station. Billy Warren, a retired nurse, said a black SUV traveling south on North Capitol Street ran a red light, causing the accident.

“I saw the black SUV come down North Capitol Street [and] go through the red light at an accelerated speed. [It] hit the garbage can, then hit the traffic light, then hit a lady, then hit another lady and then hit another lady and pinned that last lady underneath that white [van]," she said.

After smashing into a delivery van, the SUV came to a stop, a sheared-off utility pole with traffic signals resting on its roof. The possessions of the three people hit scattered all around. The van’s driver ran into a nearby building and asked a security guard for help.

“He said the guy hit him and the lady was pinned underneath the truck and could I please call 911," said the guard, Donna Jones. “I saw mayhem. It looked like something out of the movies—the three people, one lady pinned underneath the food truck. She was there for quite some time," she said.

D.C. officials have said that at least two of the pedestrians are in serious condition. All told, six people were sent to area hospitals.


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