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Sterling Home Destroyed By Oak Tree Uprooted During Storm

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A 65-foot-tall oak tree fell on this house in Sterling, Va. during Thursday afternoon's storms.
WAMU/Jonathan Wilson
A 65-foot-tall oak tree fell on this house in Sterling, Va. during Thursday afternoon's storms.

One family in Sterling, Virginia is still dealing with the effects of yesterday's severe weather.

Here on White Oak Drive in Sterling, large oak trees toppled by strong winds landed on two neighboring homes. People were inside both houses when the trees fell, but no one was injured.

One of the homes has been declared uninhabitable by Loudoun County officials. Anjela Lusk was in that home when a 65-foot-tall oak tree crashed through the roof. She had retreated to a basement closet minutes before the tree fell.

"My mom has always talked to tree guys—and they always said the tree is healthy, and if it fell it would fall on the line. I'm just surprised—I guess we had so much rain, and it uprooted the whole tree," she said.

Lusk is home from college for the summer—she says she was looking for summer job before the storm hit. Now she's just worried about where she'll be living while her home is repaired.


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