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Crime Down At Montgomery County Metro Stations, Though Pickpocketing A Problem

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Crime at Montgomery County Metro stations is down, but watch for pickpockets.
Crime at Montgomery County Metro stations is down, but watch for pickpockets.

In Maryland, crime is down overall at the 11 Metrorail stations in Montgomery County. Still, certain types of crime are still rising.

Larceny used to be combined in the crime statistics with robbery, but Metro has separated that now and puts larceny as its own category. Doing so shows that larceny, in particular the snatching or pickpocketing of items from riders, has skyrocketed in the last two years at Montgomery County's Metro stations—in particular pickpocketing.

Before two county council committees yesterday, Metro Deputy Police Chief Jeff Delinski said a lot of pickpocketing happens during what he called "event days," such as when there are big demonstrations or parades on the National Mall, or on days when the Nationals or Redskins are home and there are spikes in Metro ridership.

But while pickpocketing is on the rise, the overall crime rate continues to drop at Montgomery County stations. Only the Grosvernor/Strathmore station makes the top ten in crime rates at Maryland Metro stations, coming in at number nine. Authorities say much of the crime there happens in the parking lots and garages, where thieves are taking GPS units and other electronics out of cars.

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