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Protesters Gather At Fort Meade To Support Bradley Manning's Release

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Hundreds of protesters gathered in front of Fort Meade on Saturday in support of Pfc. Bradley Manning.
Matt Laslo
Hundreds of protesters gathered in front of Fort Meade on Saturday in support of Pfc. Bradley Manning.

Army Pfc. Bradley Manning remains locked up inside Fort Meade, but outside its gates, hundreds of protesters rallied to support the private first class. They say the government should never have classified the documents that Manning leaked to the website Wikileaks.

Daniel Ellsberg, who leaked the infamous Pentagon Papers, argues Manning's actions were heroic. He says the government is just trying to cover up the killing of innocent civilians.

"They said falsely that he had endangered American lives, but he saved American lives," says Ellsberg. "There would be tens of thousands of American troops in Iraq right now, and many of them would have died if Bradley Manning had not revealed atrocities."

On Monday, when the trial begins, the government will tell quite a different version of the events. They say Manning endangered U.S. soldiers and also hurt the State Department's standing in the world by divulging off the record conversations with diplomats from around the globe.


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