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National Spelling Bee Wraps Up Today

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"Geitonogamy," "akaryote," "coadjutor," and "akropodion" were all words that competitors had to spell yesterday.
"Geitonogamy," "akaryote," "coadjutor," and "akropodion" were all words that competitors had to spell yesterday.

The Scripps National Spelling Bee wraps up today in Oxon—that's O-X-O-N, mind you—Hill, Maryland.

Forty-two young spellers are advancing to the semifinals of the competition this afternoon; 281 started on Tuesday. They passed through yesterday's onstage rounds and a computer test that included a vocabulary section for the first time in the bee's history.

Among the words that competitors had to spell correctly were "geitonogamy," "akaryote," "coadjutor," and "akropodion."

A first prize of $30,000 is on the line, but there have been a few moments of levity this week.

One speller chose to sing her letters rather than say them, and another asked a pronouncer Jacques Bailly to draw a picture of his word—entourage. Bailly admitted he was not that good at drawing.

The semi-finals begin at 2 p.m., and the finals follow tonight at 8.


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