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Prince George's County Asks Town To Remove Improperly Placed Speed Cameras

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Prince George's County officials have asked the town of Fairmount Heights to remove two speed cameras it installed without the proper permission.
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Prince George's County officials have asked the town of Fairmount Heights to remove two speed cameras it installed without the proper permission.

A small town in Prince George's County has yet to respond to a request to take down two speed cameras that were installed without proper authorization.

Sam Gaillard is angry. "Yes, I want my money! We don't have money to give away. Yes, I would like to get my money back," he says.

The 58-year-old CPA was caught speeding by one of two speed cameras Fairmount Heights installed on county-maintained roads, one on Addison Road, the other on Sheriff Road. The problem was that the town failed to get the county's permission to do so, as required by state law.  So Gaillard says he shouldn't have received the two $40 fines, which he has since paid. 

"But after they sent me this late fee and I said man, this is outrageous. I really want to fight this," he says.

Susan Hubbard at the Prince George's County Department of Public Works and Transportation says the county notified the town the cameras on Addison Road and Sheriff Road have to go because Fairmount Heights failed to submit a plan and erect proper signage warning motorists.

"The cameras are still there. However, they have been turned off. We have requested that until all of the appropriate paperwork has been completed, as far as the requesting of the traffic plan, that they totally remove the cameras from the right of way," she says.

Hubbard says Fairmount Heights has just a few more days to comply.

"We want to do the right thing," says Lilley Thompson Martin, the town's mayor. But will she remove the cameras? "Well, we have a plan... once we receive the information from the county, we will make sure the company is contacted and they will go from there."

The speed cam vendor, Hanover, Maryland-based Brekford Corporation, declined to comment.


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