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House Farm Bill Includes Drastic Food Stamp Cuts

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D.C. Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton says a Republican led effort to slash nutrition programs will hurt low-income residents in the District.

The House Farm Bill would cut a supplemental nutrition program by more than $20 billion, compared with the Senate version, which only trims food stamps by about $4 billion.

The drastic difference in the proposed cuts poses a problem to the legislation, which needs to pass by September, otherwise the nation's farm program will lapse. Holmes Norton says the cuts proposed by Republicans would harm those who need the most help from the government.

"It's used by people who work for almost no money, as well as people who don't work at all," she says. "It's used buy the most desperate -- two-thirds of it is seniors, disabled and children. So we feel very strongly on this side of the House about this bill."

Last year, the Senate approved a Farm Bill but the House never acted. Holmes Norton is predicting this year's effort will also fail, which means lawmakers may just pass another temporary extension.


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