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D.C. Ranks As Third Happiest City For Young Professionals

D.C. might be better known for happy hours than happiness at work, but a recent survey says otherwise.
D.C. might be better known for happy hours than happiness at work, but a recent survey says otherwise.

Young professionals in Washington, D.C. are a happy group, according to analysis by an online career site. The city ranked No. 3 in the nation in workplace happiness, behind only San Jose and San Francisco.

D.C. garnered a score of 3.85 out of a possible 5, edging other cities like Chicago and San Diego.

The District's presence towards the top of this list may come as something of a surprise, since the city also clocks in higher than average in annual studies of stress levels. There may be other factors at play, as Barbara Lang, president and chief executive of the D.C. Chamber of Commerce, told Forbes.com.

"D.C. is now offering a lot of amenities that did not exist here ten years ago," Lang says. "We have world-class restaurants, lounges, museums—places where young professionals can connect with other young professionals. It has become a hip city."

The study looked at 45,000 employee reviews on CareerBliss.com from April 2012 to March 2013, evaluating factors that contribute to worker happiness, like work-life balance, relationships with bosses and co-workers, work environment and others. Young professionals in this case are defined as employees with less than 10 years experience in a full-time position.

The city's high standing comes on the strength of big employers like the Department of Defense and the American Red Cross, which ranked amongst the top 50 happiest companies for 2013.


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