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Metro Urges Patience After Rider Forces Doors On Green Line

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It was more than an hour before normal service resumed from the Shaw Metro station on the Green Line.
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It was more than an hour before normal service resumed from the Shaw Metro station on the Green Line.

Metro says that a passenger opening an emergency door exacerbated delays this morning after a mechanical problem disabled a train at the Shaw station.

Alison Gary's commute from Greenbelt usually takes about 45 minutes. This morning, it was twice that long. The trouble started when her Green Line train stopped moving at the Shaw station.

"They told us to standby. There was a train malfunction," Gary says.

Metro says a brake problem was to blame. Gary says the first instructions she heard over the intercom were confusing and passengers started getting restless, but about 15 minutes later, Metro employees arrived and escorted them all to the front of the train, where they offloaded onto the Shaw platform.

"They actually were in each car directing us to make sure we could walk from one car to the other safely and make sure we knew what was going on," Gary says.

Even so, Metro reports that a customer opened the emergency doors, which compromised Metro's initial recovery plan, causing additional delays. No riders left the train on the own and walked the tracks, something Metro has been warning passengers to never do.

Delays spread to the Yellow and Blue Lines and riders reported packed platforms.

It took about 90 minutes for Metro to announce normal service had resumed at Shaw.


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