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Renewed Optimism At Wednesday's Immigration Rally On Capitol Hill

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Thousands gathered downtown on Wednesday to call for immigration reform.
Jared Angle
Thousands gathered downtown on Wednesday to call for immigration reform.

Thousands rallied at the Capitol yesterday, demanding Congress reform the U.S. immigration system.

People of all ages turned out in the heat, including many kids who were raised in the U.S., but who don't have U.S. citizenship. Many others are undocumented workers who have labored in the United States for decades. Now they want a chance to vote and pay taxes.

With a bi-partisan group of Senators preparing to unveil a comprehensive immigration proposal this week, there's more optimism in the air than in past rallies.

After Latino voters went in droves for the Democrats in the last election, these protesters are hoping Republicans will finally give them the citizenship they're demanding.


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