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New Disciplinary Rules Debated For Fairfax County Schools

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Fairfax County school board members will debate new rules today regarding how students can be disciplined.

The review was prompted by the suicide of a 15-year-old high school football player two years ago. Nick Stuban took his life after he was suspended and transferred to another school. That was the punishment meted out by the Fairfax County school board after an investigation that lasted almost two months.

Stuban had admitted to buying one capsule of JWH-018 — a legal, synthetic drug that induced effects similar to marijuana.

This afternoon the school board will debate more than 50 recommendations made by a committee created six months ago. That group included principals, teachers, parents, students and other education experts such as counselors. The proposed handbook of student rights and responsibilities is streamlined to provide more interventions and less suspensions. Discipline is structured by age group or if the student has disabilities.

Still, not all the recommendations are being embraced by school officials. One that would have required parental notification before a student could be questioned by school officials on matters that could lead to expulsion or suspension was shelved.


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