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Maryland Senate Passes 'Black Liquor' Bill

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At the request of environmentalists, the Maryland Senate voted 33-13 today to ban "blick liquor."

Black liquor is a waste byproduct produced by paper mills when wood is turn into paper. Many of those same mills burn the black liquor as an energy source, and under current Maryland law, it is considered a renewable energy source under the portfolio that regulates what power can be purchased by utilities.

Environmentalists urged the Maryland Senate to remove 'black liquor' from the list of renewable energy sources.

A certain level of that purchased power must by renewable, and environmental groups argue that black liquor is in no such way a renewable or clean energy source, since it contains a lot of carbon.

A bill that would remove black liquor from the renewable portfolio was up for a final vote yesterday after receiving preliminary approval earlier in the week. But Sen. Roy Dyson asked for a delay right before that final vote, meaning it will come up again for consideration this morning.

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