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Death Penalty Repeal Clears Maryland House

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There is still some disagreement about the likelihood of a death penalty repeal going up for referendum.
Matt Bush
There is still some disagreement about the likelihood of a death penalty repeal going up for referendum.

The House of Delegates approved the measure Friday, sending it to Gov. Martin O'Malley, who will sign it. The repeal had already passed the Senate, where Montgomery County Democrat Jamie Raskin was the floor leader for the bill.

"It's an extraordinary moment in the history of our state," says Raskin. "And in the moral progress and social progress of our people."

But the issue isn't quite final yet, because supporters of the death penalty are still mulling whether to push for a voter referendum next year on the measure. But the Republican delegate whose website helped get same-sex marriage and the DREAM Act before voters last year, says right now he's unsure whether he wants to do the same for the death penalty.


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