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Bills Pass Maryland House And Senate Thursday

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Maryland lawmakers made progress on several bills in both chambers on Thursday.
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Maryland lawmakers made progress on several bills in both chambers on Thursday.

The Senate gave final approval to a bill regarding the higher liability pit bull owners currently face in court if their dog bites someone. The chamber's version is different from the one that was approved in the House, meaning lawmakers will have to come to some sort of agreement on the much debated measure by the time the General Assembly adjourns next month.

Republican Sen. leader E.J. Pipkin says the consequences would be dire if they don't.

"Our landlords are still at-risk," he says. "Our constituents still could be thrown out of the house. We'd still have a court ruling standing that's breed-specific. We accomplish nothing if we don't come together on this issue."

The Senate also approved extending the statute of limitations for those convicted of certain crimes with firearms despite light Republican opposition. Supporters say the measure has no effect on second amendment rights.

Meanwhile over in the House, delegates gave final approval to a bill stopping phone companies from charging residential customers for the first two directory assistance phone calls they make each month.

The House also advanced tighter rules making doctors who deliver babies to drug-addicted mothers report that information to local social service agencies.


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