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After Traffic Stop Shooting, Alexandria Police Officer Remains In Critical Condition

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Officer Peter Laboy, pictured here during 2012 National Police Week, is a 17-year veteran and has been a motorcycle officer for six years.
Elvert Barnes: http://www.flickr.com/photos/perspective/8500455679/
Officer Peter Laboy, pictured here during 2012 National Police Week, is a 17-year veteran and has been a motorcycle officer for six years.

Alexandria Police officer Peter Laboy remains in critical condition at a D.C. hospital after being shot in the head during a traffic stop Wednesday. Doctors are cautious and concerned, but remain hopeful.

The next few days are critical for the 45-year-old officer and father of four. That's according to Doctor Janice Orlowski, the chief medical officer at Medstar Washington Hospital Center, who says most people wouldn't have survived such an injury.

"Officer Laboy suffered what we would consider catastrophic gunshot wound to the head," Orlowski says. "It's actually quite remarkable that he's alive today."

Orlowski says Laboy has not regained consciousness, but has moved his arms and legs.

She says the days following an initial brain injury are critical for trauma patients.

"This becomes a very difficult time for us to to manage," Orlowski says. "We're very concerned about the blood pressure being unstable, the pulse unstable, and any injury that may occur with the brain swelling."

Doctors say Laboy likely faces months of recovery followed by extensive rehabilitation.

Sgt. Brian Thompson says Officer Laboy is a 17-year veteran of the force.

"He always volunteers on special assignments," Thompson says. "In fact, when he was responding to this call, it wasn't one he was dispatched to, it was he happened to be in the area and he showed up to help out."

If you'd like to help out the family, donations are being accepted through the police department.


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