News Archive - February 23, 2013

Maryland Senate To Take Up Death Penalty, Gun Reform

Votes on two of Gov. Martin O'Malley's priority measures are expected in the next couple of weeks.

NASCAR Crash Sends Car Debris Into The Stands At Daytona

More than two dozen fans were injured after a multi-car crash at the end of Saturday's race. A car slammed into — and partially went through — the fence and into the stands.

Virginia Senate Approves Transportation Funding Bill

In a 25-15 vote, the Virginia Senate has approved a major reform in the state's system for highway financing.

Top GOP Voter ID Crusader Loses Virginia Election Panel Post

To those who closely follow the voter ID wars, Hans von Spakovsky is a household name, one of the nation's leading and controversial crusaders against voter fraud. So it was news that the Republican lawyer failed to get a second term on the electoral board of Virginia's largest county.

Maryland House Passes Offshore Wind Bill

Maryland residents may soon see an increase on their utility bills.

Former D.C. Homeland Security Director Pleads Guilty To Tax Fraud

The former Homeland Security director for D.C. will serve a 3.5-year prison term for tax fraud.

The Four Biggest Best Picture Oscar Upsets, Statistically Speaking

As the Directors and Producers Guild Awards go, so does the Academy. At least most of the time.

Obama Administration Urges Supreme Court To Rethink DOMA

It argues that a portion of the Defense of Marriage Act is unconstitutional. Specifically, the administration points to a section that denies married same-sex couples access to federal benefits enjoyed by heterosexual couples.

Syrian Opposition Group Boycotts International Meetings

The Syrian National Coalition says it won't attend meetings in Moscow, D.C., and Rome in protest of the continued violence. The announcement comes as fighting in Aleppo intensifies.

Liberal Watchdog Group: 'Fix The Debt' Movement More Astroturf Than Grassroots

Center for Media and Democracy says Fix The Debt — a key unit in philanthropist Pete Peterson's corps of organizations to battle the national debt — is a well-funded, pro-business enterprise. A Fix The Debt spokesman scoffs at the claim.

States Take Sides As Court Revisits Voting Rights Act

The last time the Supreme Court heard a challenge to the Voting Rights Act of 1965, only one state asked that its key provision be struck down. But just four years later, seven states say the most effective civil rights statute in the nation's history has outlived its usefulness.