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Disagreement On Deadline For Federal Budget Cuts Continues

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Unless lawmakers agree on a decision, half a trillion in budget cuts are scheduled to hit the federal government on March 1.
Unless lawmakers agree on a decision, half a trillion in budget cuts are scheduled to hit the federal government on March 1.

Virginia is one of the first states to feel the impact of the budget cuts that are scheduled to hit the federal government next month. Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.) has been trying for months to forge a compromise that would redirect the cuts from ripping through most all of the federal budget.

He doesn't like President Obama's request to push the March 1 deadline back.

"That could be one of our fallbacks, but I think the better plan is to get rid of this uncertainty for the balance of this fiscal year, he says.

Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.) says the March 1 deadline is arbitrary. The deal lawmakers just struck to raise the debt ceiling requires both chambers of Congress to pass a budget, which is when Kaine wants Congress to work out the details.

"Why would you do one off cuts that are ugly, that were never supposed to go into effect, when you're working on a budget and you're going to have a budget in each house by April 15? That's the place to do cuts, that's the place to talk about revenues, that's the place to do deficit reduction," Kaine says.

Republican defense hawks want to keep the budget cuts from hitting the Pentagon by cutting the size of the federal workforce.


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