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Analysis: Effort For Virginia's Restricting Weakens, Gray Mentions Affordable Housing In District Address

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A Republican effort to redistrict Virginia fails in the General Assembly thanks to a Republican. D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray lays out his vision for the city in the state of the District address, and should the Washington Redskins call themselves something else? Washington Post columnist Robert McCartney talks about the details of this week's top stories.

On Virginia Del. William Howell's move concerning the state's redistricting plan: "He's saying he acted on principal and basically the guidelines set down by House of Delegates laws and the state constitution... It was approved by the Senate and would have redistricted state Senate districts and the GOP favor. The main problem was that it would have been the second year in a row that the election map was significantly redrawn, and the state constitution says that's supposed to happen once every decade."

On what stood out in D.C. Mayor Vince Gray's district address: "I think the main highlight there is that he wanted to give $100 million in new revenue... not last year's excess revenue, but whatever comes up in the coming year... $100 million to affordable housing... and that would preserve 10,000 units for seniors, government workers, and other middle and low income people. I think Gray is looking for a legacy here. This city is doing well economically, but it's mostly because of business trends that started before he took office. He's looking for something he can do and point to as a accomplishment... and affordable housing is a very appropriate goal for Gray, because if you remember the part of the electorate that supported him when he won office was largely lower income, middle income people, especially people who were worried about gentrification."

On the Washington Redskins changing their name: "I think it's extremely unlikely that the team would act anytime soon. The owner Dan Snyder is very attached to the tradition. The team's attitude is to try and pretend the controversy doesn't even exist. It rarely comments on it. Snyder has never had a public meeting about the team's name... of the course the team's lawyers have to talk about it in court, because they're continuing to fight to protect the trademark. That case is supposed to have a hearing in March."

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