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Coal-Burning Power Plant Targeted By D.C. CM Wells

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It is as yet unclear if the D.C. government can mandate how the federal government heats it's buildings.
Patrick Madden
It is as yet unclear if the D.C. government can mandate how the federal government heats it's buildings.

D.C. Council Member Tommy Wells is introducing a bill to ban coal-burning at the power plant that heats the U.S. Capital.

The proposal would ban coal burning in D.C., and targets the only coal-burning plant in D.C., a cogeneration power plant on Capitol Hill that primarily uses natural gas, but still burns some coal

At a council breakfast, Wells told his colleagues that the plant, which is run by the federal government, still burns coal for "political purposes."

But one council member questioned whether the council can mandate what a building owned by the federal government can or cannot do.


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