News Archive - January 5, 2013

Ocean City Merchant Pleads Guilty To Selling Counterfeit Items

An Ocean City boardwalk merchant has pleaded guilty to selling countless counterfeit items along the resort's famous wooden walkway.

Four Dead In Aurora, Colo. Shooting

Four people are dead, including the suspected shooter, after an hours-long police standoff inside of a Colorado home early Saturday morning.

What Happens When The Speaker Isn't Talking?

The framers of the Constitution didn't spell out all the responsibilities of the speaker of the House. In practice, one of those duties has been engaging in one-on-one negotiations with a president on important policy issues. But John Boehner says no more — even with new fiscal fights looming.

Pentagon Shooter Yonathan Melaku Diagnosed With Schizophrenia

The ex-Marine who fired shots at the Pentagon and Marine Corps museum in 2010 has been diagnosed with schizophrenia, but prosecutors are still pushing for jail time.

Union Station Leaseholders Agree To Multimillion-Tax Settlement

Two groups that lease space in D.C.'s historic Union Station have agreed to a multimillion-dollar tax settlement with the federal government.

D.C. Veterans Will Be Honored With Flying Flag

D.C. Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton is celebrating the passage of a provision to honor D.C. service members.

More Gun Violence In Aurora On Eve Of Suspected Theater Shooter's Court Date

Four people are dead inside an Aurora, Colo., home Saturday following a standoff with an "armed and dangerous" man holding hostages, police say. Aurora is the Denver suburb where a gunman opened fire in a movie theater last July, killing 12 and injuring many more.

NFL Weekend Playoffs: Wildcard Games, Dynamic Quarterbacks And A Loser

Four NFL wildcard playoff games are on this weekend, including Sunday's anticipated quarterback matchup between Washington and Seattle; while our observer ponders the fate of the Indianapolis Colts.

A Very, Very, Very Delicate Balance

This can't be. How does that big heavy rock stay pivoted on top of that itsy bitsy one, which is hanging precariously onto the one below? Yet they do. The beauty of balance.

Tsunami Warnings Canceled For Alaskan Coast After Quake

The magnitude 7.5 earthquake hit late Friday night, but warnings were canceled after it appeared the tsunami no longer posed a threat.