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D.C. Veterans Will Be Honored With Flying Flag

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Now when D.C.'s veterans return from combat, they can have the District's flag flown in their honor.
Mr. T in D.C.: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mr_t_in_dc/1782961516/
Now when D.C.'s veterans return from combat, they can have the District's flag flown in their honor.

When members of the military return from combat or attend other ceremonies, they're honored by having their home state flag flown. But D.C. and territorial residents have never received the honor, because they're not from states.

Many veterans viewed it as a military oversight, but they were offended nonetheless. Former members of the service and Holmes Norton took the fight to Capitol Hill and won. Now D.C.'s veterans can have the District's flag flown in their honor after the president signed the provision into law.

A statement from Holmes Norton reads, "Never again will our service members or veterans suffer the indignity of not being properly honored at military ceremonies."

But Holmes Norton says her fight for the District isn't over. She plans to redouble her efforts to achieve budget autonomy in the new session of Congress.


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