News Archive - December 3, 2012

Montgomery County's Berliner Not Worried About Fiscal Cliff

Montgomery County Council President Roger Berliner is optimistic his county would be fine if Congress went over the fiscal cliff.

Intelsat Moves From D.C. To Tysons Corner

Virginia leaders are celebrating a major new corporate headquarters in Tysons Corner.

Virginia Beach's Hotel Tax Hike Undecided

Booking a hotel in Virginia Beach may take a toll on your wallet... if a certain proposal goes through, that is.

Commentary: D.C. Council Should Support Grandparent Caregiver Program

Commentator Judith Sandalow talks about why the D.C. Council's support for low-income grandparents caring for grandchildren is an important step in the District.

Hospital Worker Pleads Not Guilty To Infecting Patients With Hepatitis C

A hospital worker has been accused of infecting patients with Hepatitis C through contaminated syringes.

Montgomery County Council's Berliner Addresses Pepco Rate Hike Request

Pepco is asking for another rate hike, and one of its most ardent critics in Montgomery County is already saying the utility shouldn't get it.

Organization Wants To Stop Teens Texting While Driving

Preventing teenagers from texting while driving continues to be a challenge, but one group may be on the path to an effective solution.

Obama And Boehner Are Still Far Apart On Fiscal Cliff, But Don't Panic — Yet

Brinkmanship has long been a mainstay in Washington politics, and so it is still. Which is why it might be too early to give up hope that President Obama and congressional Republicans can reach a "fiscal cliff" deal despite how far apart the sides were Monday.

A Scrappy Soccer Champion Brings Joy To A Weary Mexican City

The Xolos, named after a tiny, hairless dog, became the unlikely Mexican League champions and with it sent a city at the center of the drug war, into tizzy of celebration.

Newly Released Color Photo Shows A Bloodied George Zimmerman

The photograph, taken by a police officer, is the first high-resolution, clear view we've gotten of Zimmerman's injuries on the night he shot and killed Trayvon Martin.

Can Big Food Kick Its Obesity Habit? Does It Really Want To?

Two top food policy experts square off on the role the food industry should play in the global battle against obesity recently, and the answers are as complex, interconnected and political as ever.

House GOP Sends Obama Its 'Fiscal Cliff' Counteroffer

The proposal would cut the deficit by $2.2 trillion over the next decade, but Republicans do not increase tax margins for the wealthiest Americans, something the president has said is not negotiable.

Evidence Mounts Linking Head Hits To Permanent Brain Injury

With growing controversy over the risk of permanent brain injury in contact sports, researchers find an association between repetitive head trauma and brain disease in samples taken from deceased athletes. Many were professional football players.

Analysis: Senate To Limit Defense Bill Debate, 2013 Recess Schedule Set

The Senate resumes debate on a defense authorization bill today while the rest of Congress awaits more fiscal cliff negotiations and gets logistics settled for the coming year. 

Salt Lake City Says It's 'Ready, Willing And Able' To Host Another Olympics

The city and the state of Utah want the 2026 Winter Games. Ten years ago, a successful Olympics there helped launch Mitt Romney's political career.

Metro Seeks Input On Reduced Service For W6, W8 Bus Lines

Metro is proposing changes to several D.C. Metrobus lines; tonight, officials will take comments on proposed changes to the W6 and W8 lines, which have been subject to several rock throwing attacks in the past. 

President Obama Takes To Twitter To Answer Questions On Fiscal Cliff

Obama was asked about tax deductions for mortgage interest and about how much he is willing to give in negotiations with Republicans. The chat is part of the White House's effort to engage the American people in the fiscal cliff debate.

Bridget Hughes Calls Off Search For Her Hat At Phoenix Airport

The story of the missing hat, which her mom wore while having chemotherapy, touched many. "The hat IS important to me," Hughes writes today. "This IS a good story. Honestly though, there are so many people in this world whose stories deserve to be told. We've got bigger fish to fry than a lost hat."

U.S. Has Growing Concerns About Syria's Chemical Weapon Stockpile

The U.S. said the use of any chemical weapons is a "red line," requiring a response, while Syria said it had no plans to use them. Intelligence reports, however, point to heightened activity at some of country's chemical sites.

UVA Student From Falls Church Dies In Caribbean During 'Semester At Sea'

A University of Virginia student from Falls Church was killed in a boating accident off the Caribbean island of Dominica this weekend while traveling for a study abroad program.

Cuccinelli: Virginia Utility Law Costing Customers Too Much

Virginia's utility regulation law is costing customers as much as $1 billion more than necessary, according to a new report from Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli.

'Bricking' Now An Option For Stolen Smartphones

Smartphone owners whose phones are stolen now have the ability to "brick" their phones, rendering them useless — a method that's expected to help deter cell phone theft.

Group Of Internet Trolls Claims Thousands Of Tumblr Blogs Infected By Worm

The worm has spread when users click on a post that denigrates Tumblr users. The infected post, encourages users of the micro-blogging site to "drink bleach and die."

911 System Has Failed Multiple Times In Maryland, Virginia

The D.C. area's 911 emergency call system has been suffering widespread failures for more than two years, long before the June 2012 derecho storm called attention to the problem.

'Three Cups Of Tea' Co-Author Took Own Life, Medical Examiner Says

David Oliver Relin was Greg Mortenson's co-writer on the best-seller. In the past year, Mortenson has been accused of fabricating some of his tales about his life in Pakistan and Afghanistan and the charitable work he did there.

Catherine, Duchess Of Cambridge, Is Pregnant

Prince William and Kate married in April 2011. Now, the future king and queen are expecting. Royal watchers can now go into a tizzy.

A Syrian Tank Shells Turkey, Yet The Response Is Silence. Why?

Some Syrian military attacks on Turkey have drawn a harsh response. But in an incident over the weekend, the Turks chose to play it down. The episode shows the complicated nature of the battle.

Caught: Lobster Cannibals Captured On Film Along Maine Coast

Gotcha! An underwater camera caught large Maine lobsters gobbling up their younger brethren along the coastline. Biologists think this turn to cannibalism may be due to a recent spike in the Maine's lobster population, combined with a decrease in the numbers of their natural predators.

Murdoch's News Corp. Shuts Down 'The Daily'

Launched less than two years ago as newssite designed for the iPad, the venture didn't build an audience quickly enough, News Corp. says. Also today, the company moved executives into some key posts

Top Stories: 'Fiscal Cliff' Talks Continue; Clinton Warns Syria

Also: Homeless man given boots by New York cop chooses to go barefoot again; Russia urges North Korea to cancel planned rocket launch; Egypt's courts shut down.

His Holiness Comes To Twitter: Pope Benedict Is '@Pontifex'

Beginning on Dec. 12, the Vatican says, Pope Benedict XVI will be answering questions about faith. Can he say much in 140 characters or less? Well, the Church does have Ten Commandments that each come in under that length.

Homeless Man Given Boots By NYC Police Officer Chooses To Go Barefoot Again

"I could lose my life," Jeffrey Hillman tells The New York Times. He fears being killed for the boots, so he isn't wearing them all the time. A photo of New York City Police Officer Lawrence DePrimo giving Hillman the footwear went viral last week.

Gov. Christie Re-Election Bid In N.J. Heads Up 2013 Election Calendar

Two gubernatorial contests — in New Jersey and Virginia — plus mayoral races in New York and Los Angeles head up the 2013 election calendar. Plus: Time to get rid of the Iowa straw poll? And who will succeed Jesse Jackson Jr.?