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Same-Sex Marriage Advocates Say Maryland, Maine Just The Start

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The fight for same-sex marriage equality doesn't stop with two states — advocates hope it is only the beginning.
The fight for same-sex marriage equality doesn't stop with two states — advocates hope it is only the beginning.

Gay couples will be able to get married in Maryland starting January 1, 2013. Advocates say they still have more work to do.

Voters such as Greg Gremillion in Beltsville helped make Maryland the first state to uphold same-sex marriage via referendum.

"I feel it's a simple civil rights issue," says Gremillion. "Everyone should have that right and the protections and privileges that come with it."

Kevin Nix, a spokesperson for the Human Rights Campaign, says people are still celebrating and he's expecting many gay weddings next year.

"In other states, it's been an economic boon," says Nix. "Tourism people coming for the ceremony, wedding planners and hotels."

Nix also says he thinks more states will follow Maryland's lead.

"Maryland is the first state below the Mason-Dixon line that has marriage equality, and that's a harbinger of things to come," says Nix. "We're solidifying the march toward full equality in the United States."

Nix says the campaign plans to assess their strategy in Maryland and take those lessons to other states where the issue is likely to come before residents.


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