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Redistricting In Review: Delaney 'Comfortable' With 6th District Victory In Maryland

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John Delaney, Democratic challenger for the Maryland's 6th Congressional District, shakes hands of supporters at an election night event, Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2012, in Potomac, Md.
(AP Photo/Nick Wass)
John Delaney, Democratic challenger for the Maryland's 6th Congressional District, shakes hands of supporters at an election night event, Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2012, in Potomac, Md.

Democrat John Delaney will represent Maryland's 6th congressional district come January, defeating incumbent Roscoe Bartlett, who served 10 terms on Capitol Hill. The newly-christened congressman joined WAMU All Things Considered host Pat Brogan to discuss the results of Election Day.

What do you think was the key to your victory?

"We worked very hard to communicate to voters from the beginning of the campaign in January. And I think our message, which is focused on jobs and creating jobs and a good standard of living resonated very well with voters."

How comfortable are you with the redistricting process in Maryland's 6th district?

"I am very comfortable with the process and I'm very comfortable with the district. We had a strong win across the whole district. We won in Montgomery County, but we also won in the western part of the district, which was the old congressional district. So I think there is a great opportunity, now that the redistricting is behind us, to really unify the district around the messages that are important to me."

Do you expect things will improve in Congress now that the election is behind us?

"I think the American people really want Congress to focus on getting things done — particularly things that are important to Americans. The first thing that this new Congress has to do is work on our deficit. I think there's a terrific blueprint in front of us in terms of the Bowles-Simpson, and my sense is the American people will put pressure on Congress to actually get things done."

What are your priorities as you head to Capitol Hill?

"My first priority is to represent my constituents very well in terms of issues that are important to them. And I think there are a whole variety of issues that are important to constituents in the 6th district, ranging from economic matters specifically in Maryland in light of the fact that federal spending is likely to be reduced and that will have an impact on the Maryland economy and making sure Maryland and the 6th congressional district is as prepared as possible. So that's certainly a high priority for me. But also taking those issues, which I view are issues of U.S. competitiveness, and taking that more broadly across things that affect the whole country."


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