News Archive - October 9, 2012

Alexandria To Reconfigure King Street Metro Station

king street metro parking

The maze of idling taxis, cars and buses in front of the King Street Metro will be no more after a $7 million renovation plan that will turn the Alexandria transportation hub into a more pedestrian-friendly place.

Analysis: Breaking Down Sequestration Cuts In Terms Of Jobs

The so-called "fiscal cliff" is just two and a half months away, and a new report has been released showing just what kind of job cuts we can expect if the automatic cuts are not averted.

Gray Aide Faces Sentencing On Wednesday

The former aide to D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray will face sentencing on Wednesday for his role in compensating Sulaimon Brown during the 2010 mayoral campaign.

New Proposal Would Free Uber From D.C. Taxi Restrictions

D.C. Council member Jack Evans has offered a proposal that would free the Uber car service from the fare restrictions imposed on the District's taxicabs.

Romney Shows His Soft Side; President Tightens His Pitch

GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney showed his softer side and President Obama got to his points more quickly in Tuesday appearances on the campaign trail. Romney was in Iowa; Obama, in Ohio.

Maryland Delegate Sentenced For Misconduct

Anne Arundel County delegate Tiffany Alston received a suspended sentence, a year of probation, and community service for using public funds to pay an employee of her law firm.

U.S. Government Sues Wells Fargo In Mortgage Case

The government alleges the bank knew some loans it issued did not meet federal requirements.

Audits Reveal Security Lapses In D.C. Tax Office

With the existing security procedures, it was relatively easy for an employee of the D.C. tax office to embezzle tens of millions of dollars, according toto an internal audit.

Restaurant Discounts For Gastric Bypass Patients May Send Mixed Messages

Weight loss surgeries are growing in popularity, but many patients still want to dine at restaurants after their procedure. Surgeons who perform the surgery distribute special cards that allow the patients to get smaller portions or discounted prices. But could this halt their weight loss?

Study: Unemployment Discussion Differs By Swing State

Analyzing 20 months' worth of blogs, news stories and story comments in Florida, Ohio and Virginia found that voters in the nation's swing states talk about unemployment in very particular ways. The findings could cast some light on what's driving the vote.

Young 'Nones' Set To Transform The Political Landscape

The number of atheists, agnostics and the religiously unaffiliated is on the rise, and they could eventually reshape the political landscape.

Marine General Expected To Be Next Commander In Afghanistan

Gen. Joseph Dunford will be nominated to succeed Gen. John Allen as the top commander in Afghanistan, according to a defense official familiar with the decision. Allen is to become head of the U.S. European Command.

Taliban Say They Shot 14-Year-Old Pakistani Girl Who Exposed Their Cruelty

Malala Yousufzai kept a diary and detailed the Taliban's actions. After it was featured on the BBC, she became a national figure. Now, the Taliban say they're behind her wounding and that they'll try again to kill her if given the chance.

Sesame Workshop To Obama Campaign: Leave Big Bird Out Of It

Sesame Workshop asked President Obama's campaign to take down an anti-Mitt Romney ad featuring Big Bird. Since the first presidential debate, Obama has used a remark Romney made about the Sesame Street character to mock Romney.

Record-Breaking Free Fall Attempt By Felix Baumgartner Aborted

Baumgartner will step out of a capsule at the edge of space and attempt to break the speed of sound.

In Greece, Protests Greet Germany's Angela Merkel

While Merkel met with the Greek prime minister, protesters — some in Nazi costumes — gathered outside.

VIDEO: Australia's Prime Minister Doesn't Hold Back As She Rips Opponent

When she rose to address the opposition leader this week, Australia's leader tore into him.

Fans Buck Up After Nationals' Game Two Loss To Cards

Nationals fans were down but not out after the teams' rout by the St. Louis Cardinals Monday night; many are looking forward to Game 3 of the National League Division Series in D.C. Wednesday. 

Stink Bug Population Up In Maryland

brown stink bugs

Maryland authorities are preparing for a more prominent stink bug population in the state this year, and may deploy certain methods — including traps and certain insect predators — to combat them. 

Pepco Addresses Smart Meter Issues With Bill Adjustments

Pepco is on the verge of settling a labor dispute with the union representing many of its employees; at the same time, the company is working to adjust some customers' bills due to errors involving  new "smart meters."

Debate Heats Up About Contentious Bird Flu Research

Because of fears that lab-altered bird flu viruses could cause a deadly pandemic if they ever escaped the lab, scientists agreed to a moratorium on mutant H5N1 flu research eight months ago. Now top scientists in the field continue the debate about the work, publishing six commentaries for and against the end of the moratorium.

NPR Names New Executive Editor

Madhulika Sikka, executive producer at Morning Edition, will take over the position in January.

Risks Of Global Economic Slowdown Are 'Alarmingly High,' IMF Warns

International Monetary Fund economists also warn that things could get even worse if European leaders don't finally get the euro crisis under control and if U.S. lawmakers let the federal government go over its "fiscal cliff."

Top Stories: Physics Nobel; Sandusky To Be Sentenced

Also: International Monetary Fund warns of greater risk of global recession; Romney gets boost in Pew poll; security tight as German chancellor visits Greece; Felix Baumgartner's record skydive on hold.

In Mexico: Cartel Leader May Be Dead, Key Lieutenant Captured

Heriberto Lazcano, "The Executioner," was reportedly killed Sunday in a battle with Mexican marines. Salvador Alfonso Martinez Escobedo, known as "Squirrel," was captured hours earlier.

30 Years In Jail — At A Minimum — For Seemingly Unrepentant Sandusky

The convicted child molester was at the center of a scandal that rocked Penn State University. A recording attributed to him was posted online Monday. The voice repeats what Sandusky has said all along — that he's innocent — and tries to shift blame.

Is The V.P. Debate A Sideshow Or Something More?

In the past 35 years, there have been memorable moments in vice presidential debates, none greater than Lloyd Bentsen's "You're no Jack Kennedy" jab at Dan Quayle. But do they affect the election results?

French And American Scientists Share Physics Nobel

Serge Haroche of France and David Wineland of the United States have been honored for their work on the interaction between life and matter — in particular, the "fundamental interactions between light particles and matter."