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Circuit Court To Appoint New Alexandria City Council Member

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Qualified residents of Alexandria are encouraged to apply for the temporary vacancy on the city council.
Ben Schumin
Qualified residents of Alexandria are encouraged to apply for the temporary vacancy on the city council.

Members of the Alexandria City Council are about to get a new member, after former Councilman Rob Krupicka was elevated to the House of Delegates last week, taking the seat vacated by David Englin.

Those interested in becoming a member of the Alexandria City Council are encouraged to write a letter to the court administrator of the Alexandria Circuit Court. Because the vacancy is created so close to the election, it's too late to have another special election, so Circuit Court Chief Judge Lisa Kemler gets to make the decision.

Letters from potential applicants must be received no later than close of business on September 25, and court officials say they are looking for candidates who have no interest in seeking a permanent position on the City Council.


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