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Ann Romney Delivers: 'She May Have Privilege, But She Understands'

The speech, the experts and pundits proclaimed, needed to humanize Mitt Romney. But it also served as a vehicle to humanize her, a woman of great attractiveness and expensive polish touched by cancer, multiple sclerosis and the trials of raising five sometimes screaming children.

Five Takeaways From Tuesday At The Republican Convention

Republicans set the tone for their convention with lots of talk about why their ideas are better for the nation than those of President Obama and the Democrats. But they also showed a lot of love for some stars, including Ann Romney and several governors.

Transcript: Gov. Chris Christie's Convention Speech

Transcript of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's keynote speech at the Republican National Convention, plus audio and video of the speech.

Transcript: Ann Romney's Convention Speech

Full transcript of Ann Romney's speech as prepared for delivery at the Republican National Convention. Includes audio and video of speech.

Analysis: RNC Rules Changes Underscore Divisions In GOP

Modern party conventions are a time of unity, but as is often the case, there are divisions under the surface. Alex Bolton of The Hill newspaper explains the tensions underlying some rule changes at the RNC.

Spreading Largesse In Lansing, Mich.

A group of residents, led by Bob Hoffman, spread joy and pay it forward in their community.

'Reasonable Impediment' Clause Becomes Focus Of S.C. Voter ID Law Hearing

At the federal trial over South Carolina's new voter ID law, the state's election director said the law wouldn't disenfranchise anyone. She said a clause in the law could let any would-be voter without an ID cast a provisional ballot, which led to lots of give-and-take with surprised judges.

Local Couple Leads Rebuilding Effort Even As Isaac Bears Down

Hurricane Isaac is bearing down on the gulf coast, and two former D.C. residents who head a non-profit that houses needy family hope it doesn't undo years of work.

For One Young Delegate, Social Issues Are Not A Litmus Test

Alexander Reber, 21, was drawn to politics by his home state governor, Virginia's Bob McDonnell. To Reber, education, transportation and infrastructure are the issues that matter most.

Alleged Perry Hall Shooter Charged As An Adult

More details have emerged about the alleged 15-year-old shooter at Perry Hall High School in Baltimore County yesterday, who will be charged as an adult.

Computer Troubles Freeze United Airlines' System, Bringing A Cascade Of Delays

Many travelers using United Airlines faced delays Tuesday, but they weren't connected to Hurricane Isaac. Instead, the airline's computer network crashed, leaving large parts of its system paralyzed for several hours Tuesday afternoon.

Circles Of Friends In Cheyenne, Wyo.

Circles Wyoming volunteers are matched with people who want to escape poverty. They then coach, role model and have fun with their "intentional" friends.

Gray To Push Campaign Finance Reform Proposal

Later today, Mayor Gray and D.C. Attorney General Irv Nathan are rolling out what they call a 'pay-to-play prohibition,' which would bar city contractors from making donations to D.C. officials and address other noted loopholes.

Rubio Predicts Romney Will Begin To Dent Likability Gap

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio will introduce Mitt Romney on the final night of the Republican National Convention. He may have provided a preview of his speech on Tuesday, explaining how he expects national perceptions of Romney to change this week.

Hurricane Isaac Makes Landfall In Southeast Louisiana, Headed For Baton Rouge

Isaac's core was expected to pass west of New Orleans with winds close to 80 mph and head for Baton Rouge, La. It was expected to gradually weaken. The storm made landfall near the mouth of the Mississippi River at 6:45 p.m. local time.

Fallen Prince George's Officer Mourned In Mitchellville

Adrian A Morris, the 23-year-old Prince George's police officer who died in a crash last week, was laid to rest by his family, friends, and hundreds of fellow officers Tuesday.

Analysis: D.C. Delegates Differ From Many At Convention

D.C. GOP chairman Bob Kabel talks about his party's battle to get D.C. represented in Congress, its support for marriage equality and how it feels to be at the convention surrounded by so many Republicans for a change.

Why Does Pregnancy Last 9 Months?

If human newborns came out as fully developed as chimp babies, human pregnancy would have to last at least twice as long. In a new theory, researchers argue that how much energy mothers can spare is the key factor in how long pregnancy lasts.

Virginia Nursing Colleges Object To Online Degree Agreement

Virginia nursing leaders are objecting to a plan by Gov. Bob McDonnell that would offer affordable nursing degrees in part by sending tuition dollars to online schools out of the state.

Delegate Views Don't Always Reflect Party As A Whole

Polling of convention delegates over the past four decades has shown that they tend to hold stronger views than rank-and-file members of their own party.

Home Away From Home In Bismarck, N.D.

Tracy's Sanctuary House in Bismarck provides lodging for families of patients being treated in a nearby hospital.

Colombian President Says 'Exploratory Talks' Held With FARC Rebels

The talks open the possibility of an end to one of the longest-running armed conflicts in the world.

Grow Your Own Locust Kit Could Someday Help Feed African Refugees

Insects, such as locust and grasshoppers, are a cheap source of protein that requires minimum resources to farm. Taking advantage of these properties, two design students have built an emergency food kit that allows families in a Kenyan refugee camp to grow their own source of protein--locust.

Leggett: Montgomery County Will Find Money For New Schools

Montgomery County Executive Ike Leggett says the county will find a way to pay for new schools and school renovations, despite budget pressures. 

Live Blog: Tuesday At The GOP Convention

Updates from the scene as Republicans gather in Tampa for their 2012 national convention.

Drinking, Dancing, Dolly Parton: Photos Of The '70s Country Music Scene

Believe it or not, this visual catalog of country music culture was shot by a kid from Boston.

How Much Rain Will Hurricane Isaac Dump? Have A Look At This Map

The story of Hurricane Isaac will likely be about flooding. The storm is expected to dump many inches of rain across a wide swath of the country.

Before Big Speech, Ann Romney Wins Raves — With Tiny Cakes

Ann Romney's address to the Republican National Convention tonight is meant to humanize her husband, Mitt, and chip away at his "likability gap" with President Obama. So how does she relieve the pressure? By baking her grandmother's Welsh cakes for the press corps.

D.C. Contract Awarded To Company Behind Marion Barry's Reality Series

The film company behind "Mayor For Life," a reality TV series about D.C. Council member Marion Barry, has been hired by the D.C. Council to make a documentary about Barry's own Ward 8.

Saying Thanks In Hattiesburg, Miss.

The Hattiesburg Jaycees hold an annual blood drive to replenish the area's blood supply.

GOP Strategy For Tuesday: Bring The Love And Then The Fight

Ann Romney and N.J. Gov. Chris Christie, two of tonight's speakers at the Republican National Convention, represent the event's two core messages: humanizing Mitt Romney (Ann's job) and bringing the attack against President Obama (Christie's strength).

The Republican Convention Speakers: A Guide

Republicans are now trying to pack the best of their vote-for-Mitt-Romney message into three nights in Tampa in a weather-abbreviated convention. Here are some of the highlighted speakers.

Obama Administration Unveils New Fuel-Efficiency Standards

The new rules will require U.S. cars to average 54.5 miles per gallon by 2025.

Foreclosures Leave Holes In Voter Outreach

The presidential campaigns and other groups are scrambling to find evicted voters in battleground states hit hard by the mortgage crisis.

RNC 2012: It’s A New Day (One)

The meat of the Republican National Convention program begins today in Tampa, Fla., one day after it was planned, thanks to Tropical Storm Isaac.

S.C. Gov. Haley: Democrats' Attitude On Minorities Is Offensive

South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, who is Indian-American, accuses Democrats of telling minorities that the GOP is the "party that hates you."

Another Republican Senate Hopeful Walks Into Rape Controversy

Tom Smith, who is the Republican candidate for Senate in Pa., seemed to compare rape to out-of-wedlock pregnancy.

An Unloved Subject During Doctor Visits: Men's Sexual Health

A national study found less than half of young men had received any sexual or reproductive health services in the previous year. Of those, the most commonly reported service was a testicular exam.

Romney Campaign Official: We Could Win Without Florida

In a discussion with Morning Edition's Steve Inskeep, Rich Beeson says Florida's 29 electoral votes are 'crucial' but not absolutely necessary to win in November.

Israeli Court Rules American Activist's Death Was An Accident

Rachel Corrie's parents sued Israel after their daughter was killed by a bulldozer manned by an Israeli soldier. She was killed at the height of the second intifada and became an international symbol for Palestinian resistance.

Ann Romney, Gov. Christie & The Roll Call: Today's Convention Highlights

Here's a look at when things are happening today in Tampa. Also: who and what to watch for.

Books Behind Bars In Needham, Mass.

A Book from Mom provides incarcerated mothers with brand new children's books to give as gifts to their children during prison visits.

Romney's Forces Are In Control For Now, But Maybe Not For Long

ANALYSIS: The next era of conservative politics is just as likely to be dominated by the insurgents as by the forces that have brought Mitt Romney to his party's presidential nomination.